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Some of my documentary, mockumentary, reality,  and 'real people' work.


Director: Kristi Jacobson

Overcoming enormous odds and challenges to find great success during his short life, Alexander Hamilton can be considered both the architect and the exemplar of the American Dream. This is one in a series of videos titled “This is Capitalism” that I edited for Stephens Inc., an independent, full service investment banking firm.



Director: Greg Kohs

This is one of a series of online ads I cut as part of Google's "Search Stories" campaign. Each ad features the world's most popular search engine to tell moving stories of changed lives. This viral hit about a Louisiana teacher who won $1 million for pitching the perfect game was my favorite.



Director: Greg Kohs

Directed by Ten-time Emmy®-winning filmmaker Greg Kohs, The Great Alone is a feature length documentary shot in the arctic of Alaska that chronicles the incredible comeback journey of four-time Iditarod champion, Lance Mackey. It won the Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary at the 2015 Seattle International Film Festival. Visit the official website here.
This is one of the ads I edited for Michael Bloomberg's 2020 presidential campaign. It focuses on one of the biggest issues in his campaign: gun control.



Director: Zack Resnicoff

“It’s better to give than to receive” as the saying goes.

Director: Ronnie Krensel

This video is part of We the Voters, a nonpartisan digital project designed to inform and activate voters across the country in the lead-up to the 2016 elections. In this installment, housewives get real about politics. Starring Anabelle Acosta, Charlotte McKinney, and Analeigh Tipton as ladies who let heavily partisan politics ruin brunch. Can they learn to listen to opposing points of view and remain friends?
'Backseat Driver', hosted by Lauren Fix, is PNC's new web series focused on helping you shop like a cash buyer & find the best deal.


In this episode, Deborah wants to get her daughter, Gabbie, the right car for her sweet sixteen birthday. Can Lauren help them through a difference of opinion on car color and cost?
In this episode, Lauren helps Margaret learn all of the discounts available and the benefits of being a cash buyer. But can Margaret get her perfect car for the perfect price?
"HumanKinda," featuring comedian Sam Richardson from HBO's Veep, is an Emmy-nominated short film I served as the lead editor on. It explores our need to stay busy and how it affects our happiness. "Are we losing our humanity? Is humankind becoming 'humankinda'?" Richardson asks.




Director: Bianca Giaever



Director: Paul Goldman

This short mockumentary web film was part of a larger campaign for Cure Auto Insurance. The film, accompanied with 30 second spots, exposed the discriminatory practices of car insurance companies.

Director: Robin Honan

Troy felt hopeless after poor care led to his foot being amputated, but a "new way of health care" that addressed both his social and medical needs got him involved again in his life and in his care.

Director: Greg Kohs


In their "Living Proof" campaign, Prilosec OTC teamed up with some of the NFL's toughest players to showcase the importance of powerful protection when it comes to treating frequent heartburn. Here, New York Giants All-Pro Offensive Tackle David Diehl and Minnesota Vikings Guard Anthony Herrera share their stories.








Director: Zack Resnicoff

This 13 spot campaign shines a light on the monumental triumphs of early childhood.

Director: Kate Riedl

This documentary, titled "This Is Where We Live," is being used to raise money for saving and protecting the land known as Seven Emu and Pungalina. It tells the story of one of Australia's last great natural areas that an Aboriginal man, Frank Shadforth, and his ancestors have held for many generations, and his desire to keep it preserved for all people to enjoy.

Director: Joe Pytka​

Concerned by growing uneasiness among fans and marketers about the criminal behavior of some players, the NFL embarked on an effort to burnish its brand image by shining a spotlight on the good behavior of many players.
In this spot, Matt Hasselbeck reads to his daughters.
In this one, Brady Quinn describes his goal of going to law school and talks about how hard he worked as a student at Notre Dame.



And here, we learn that Willie McGinest's mom encouraged him to play football as a child to keep him out of trouble.



AMP Energy

Director: Traktor

This campaign featuring real people was a series of cinematic spots showcasing “the moment before the moment” that lead viewers to watch the conclusion online, as part of a longer film series.
This is the outcome to the spot about the martial artist, Dennis Wood, who makes himself the meat in a bed-of-nails sandwich.


The "moment before" going into a giant wave.


The "moment before" the rider comes out of the gate.


The "moment before" the bullfighter puts himself between the rider and the bull.



Director: Sam Cadman

A wrecking crew tries to demolish a building with a giant stuffed pink bunny, underscoring the need for the right tax preparation tool.
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